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The following are some testimonials we have received from happy customers:

“I would like to recommend a new estate agent – No Flies. They have recently set up in the area and I have just sold my flat with them. They are internet based so have no “shop” to visit however this made no difference at all to the service they provided. The brochure was very professional and contained more information than the standard estate agent’s leaflet and the photos were great too. Communication was excellent throughout the whole process. Viewings were arranged at convenient times and plenty of notice was given (ideal with 3 small children). We had offers within a week and they went thought them all in details giving balanced advice. If you are thinking of selling I would highly recommend contacting them – good value for money as well. Check out the website www.no-flies.co.uk”  – Mrsbee on www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk


“I would really like to recommend No Flies estate agents to anyone who is thinking of selling a property in East Dulwich, Camberwell, Peckham, Nunhead areas. Having seen another recommendation thread on this forum I contacted them for further details and invited them to our property. My husband said you are mad as we know nothing about them. True. But having met them both – Brendan and Tony – I couldn’t be happier with our decision to place our property on the market with them. They are both very experienced in both law and estate agency – they are have the right attitude in dealing with people and I like their business ethics – see website. 

They prepared a fabulous brochure with no mistakes and have generated a lot of interest in our property. I also like the way that we get feedback the same day or next day after viewings which keeps us in the picture – not left wondering. It doesn’t worry me that they don’t have an office as having bought my last 2 properties through Rightmove I only go into an estate agents for the key pick up. 

Best of all I am lucky enough to have this superior service and not pay any commission when they sell the property. On completion we will keep all the money. I think they still have some limited 0% spots available and then they will do a flat fee which will still be great value in comparison with other agents who quoted us. 

Having run various businesses for the last 20 years I am very picky and have very high standards in business but NO Flies have surpassed my expectations which is unusual. 

I have no association with this company at all. Until 2 weeks ago I hadn’t met Brendan and Tony but now we are on the market with them I am very happy as we have two highly professional and charming men selling our biggest asset. I am very sure in the coming months you will be reading good things about No Flies all the time on this forum 
but if you are thinking of selling today I would seriously consider giving them a call and making your own mind up.” jarnac on www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk


“Would also like to add to the recommendations for No-Flies. Our flat is currently under offer and we’ve been extremely impressed with the service provided. 
We had read the feedback about No-Flies on the forum so asked them and two other larger estate agents to value our flat. Brendan and Tony came around and were very knowlegeable, professional and genuinely nice guys. They valued it at the same amount as the other two agencies and obviously knew the local market so we decided to go with them. 
On Brendan’s advice we decided to hold an open day and to market the flat online on Rightmove, Zoopla and their own site for a week beforehand. We used the the tips on their blog to prepare the flat, had 15 viewings on the Saturday and 4 offers on the Monday. It then went to best and final offers and we accepted an offer over asking price on the Tuesday. At all steps along the way Brendan has been available either by phone or email, offering advice and keeping us informed as things progress along. 
As jarnac says in one of the posts above they really have spoilt us as we’ve had a quite different experience during our search for a new house with other agencies – not being called back, wrong information being provided, etc. 
No-Flies have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and really deserve all the success that will come their way. We shall definitely be using them again in the future should we need to. “
PK36 on www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk


“Following the recent sale of our flat in East Dulwich, I would like to recommend the agent we used, No Flies.  This is a new online only agent in the East Dulwich area.        
Online only agent means lower fees than other local agents. Remember, those fancy window displays are paid for out of your commissions! I do not believe the lack of a high street presence makes any difference, after all who buys property these days without searching online? 

Of course, the fee is only part of the story. The main reason for recommending No Flies is the tireless hard work of Brendan, who we dealt with from beginning to end. He wasted no time following instruction in getting the property to market, and had a number of offers on the table within a week. The offer we accepted was higher than the predictions of other local agents. Once the offer was accepted, Brendan was always on hand to answer any questions, to assist in any way he could, and to give us considered advice based on his years of experience. There was none of the arrogance and sales patter that I have come to expect from estate agents. 

I am sure we have all heard horror stories about estate agents, but I can honestly say my experience of dealing with Brendan was nothing but positive. 

So if you are thinking of selling your property in East Dulwich, get in touch with Brendan at [no-flies.co.uk]. You won’t regret it!” jbodey on www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk

“As now an ex-resident of ED I just wanted to recommend the services of a relatively new local agent we found (have been mentioned on forum before) called No-Flies. Run by Tony & Brendan, they don’t have a presence on lordship lane, but in all other respects provide the same service as a high street agency. We found them extremely professional from start to finish, they handled tricky negotiations well, valued our house at just about the right level to sell it & their sellers pack really got the best out of our place. Both being of a more mature age (ahem sorry guys!!) rather than 25 yrs old, they really do have useful experience and deserve to succeed in their venture. The fees were also extremely reasonable!! In short if you are selling, would at least get them round for a quote – we were a little worried about them having no high street presence it mattered not. Search for no-flies East Dulwich on Google to see more.” madhatter on www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk


” I would second the No Flies vote. I completed about a week ago so my experience is very recent. I was originally selling through Pedder – they were OK but the sale went wrong and I partly blame this on the buyer having used their in-house mortgage advisors. The mortgage advisor was overly optimistic about the buyer’s prospects of getting a mortgage offer, although once I found out his circumstances it seemed obvious to me that he was high risk. It fell through very late and I lost out on my onward purchase. I think the experience was typical of the bigger high street chains – they push their other services and my case was very quickly offloaded to more junior staff with little oversight from the person who did the initial valuation. I was just some other number and they really cared about getting new instructions.

I switched to No Flies on the recommendation of a neighbour who sold with them this summer. There are just two of them, and I dealt with them at all stages. They don’t push other services on buyer or seller, and I was always able to get through to someone or got a reply to emails within hours. The service was certainly much better and at a lower fee than Pedder. They took all my experiences into account and really made sure the buyer was sound and that everything went smoothly.”  Lazero on www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk


“I just wanted to post on here to second some of the many recommendations for No-Flies estate agents. Brendan and Tony marketed my flat for me last year. I was aware that their business model avoided the overhead of high street premises (which seemed sensible to me given that I and everyone I know uses the Internet to search for property) so I got an excellent fee for what turned out to be a brilliant service. They valued the property in line with valuations I received from other agents, generated large numbers of viewings, gave prompt feedback and secured a buyer for me at above asking price. However they really came into their own when my sale began to encounter difficulties as a result of issues with London Borough of Southwark. I was living overseas at the time and so these issues could really have threatened the sale but No-Flies were great. They were always available, gave pragmatic advice, kept my buyer onside, liaised with various surveyors and tradesmen to allow access to the property as required by Southwark, kept my solicitors on their toes and generally nursed the sale through for me over an 8 month period until I was finally in a position to complete in January. I doubt I would have got this level of service from many other agents and certainly not for the kind of fees I paid No-Flies. I can only thank them and recommend them to anyone else on here who is thinking of selling.” DaveG 0n www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk


“I have very recently sold my flat with No Flies – we completed last month. I would definitely recommend them. Brendan and Tony were great – reliable, responsive, and seemed very genuine. This was really important to me having been on the ‘other side’ buying property through rather unscrupulous estate agents. My sale was not an easy one, but the stress was much reduced by having ‘No Flies’ on my side. And they were very competitive in terms of fees too.

Thanks Brendan and Tony!” NaiHM 0n www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk