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No-Flies: How do we do it?

No-Flies: How do we do it?


Watching the pennies

At No-Flies we offer very competitive fees. To do this, we have focussed our investment on areas that are critical to delivering excellent service whilst avoiding non-essential costs. There are, for example, no fridges stocked with sparkling water in our offices; in fact there are no high street offices at all. You only need look at www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk to know that what this community is crying out for is a Waitrose or an M&S not a street full of estate agencies! Few, if any, serious potential purchasers these days rely upon looking in estate agents’ windows to spot their dream home. Once registered with an agent (which is as easily done by picking up the phone or going online as it is by calling into a high street shop), a prospective purchaser expects details of suitable properties to be sent to him or her and is unlikely to darken the doors of the estate agent again. You do not need to pay for us to have a flashy high street office. If you want to sell your property through us we will communicate with you by phone and online and we will come to visit you (let us know if you are thirsty and we might even bring you a Perrier water).

Being Good Guys

If you use No-Flies you can be assured that you will be dealt with in an open and honest way. We have talked to lots of people about their experience of using estate agents and many of them complained of dubious sales tactics and poor communication. At No-Flies we will always treat you with integrity. When we promise something, we will deliver and we will communicate with you in an open and honest way.

The customer comes first

We are very clear that, as our customer, it is to you, the Seller, that our loyalty is owed. We will never say things to buyers that could be to the seller’s detriment. Buyers are however very important to us. Not only are they our potential customers of the future but they are essential to a successful sale. We will always treat buyers with respect and be open with them and seek to foster a collaborative approach to getting the transaction done.

A single team

At No-Flies we operate as one team. We work together to support our customers and will allocate tasks relating to your sale to the person best suited to perform them. We will always let you know who that person is. Unlike at most other agents, nobody “owns” a prospective buyer at No Flies so you will know that you are getting impartial advice on offers as there is no financial advantage to anybody in pushing one offer rather than another.


We pride ourselves on providing a friendly service. We are a small team and, as a customer, you will know us all. This is important to us as it is through our ability to identify with our customers and applicants that we will achieve greater success for both you and us.


We hope you are delighted with the service you receive from us. However, if you would like us to do things differently, or have an idea how we can improve things, please let us know. We pride ourselves on being responsive to the view of our customers and applicants.


We have backgrounds in both estate agency and law. One of us has been an estate agent operating in South London (including a spell on Lordship Lane) for over a decade. The other was a practising solicitor, both in law firms and major companies, for over twenty years. We know what both excellent and awful service looks like in estate agency and other industry sectors or professions and we are bringing the best from all of those areas to No-Flies.


We love the area – we live locally and have done for many years. We have a very clear understanding of what the local property market is doing and how best to market your property. We believe in supporting the local community both in terms of  charitable giving (click here for more details) and using local independent suppliers for No-Flies whenever we can. For example our web design, graphic design, printing and accountancy are all provided by local businesses. We believe this helps to keep what is a vibrant local community alive.


We adopt the highest levels of professionalism. We are members of The Property Ombudsman (“TPO”)scheme, comply with the TPO Code of Practice for Residential Sales and maintain public liability and professional indemnity insurance as required by the scheme. Our In House Complaints Procedure required by section 14 of the TPO Code can be found here.

Attention to Detail

We understand the importance of getting not only the big things but the little things right. As one American customer service guru memorably said – “It’s not the tigers and bears that chase the customers away. What bugs the customer the most are the mosquitoes and the gnats — the little things.” You needn’t worry about that at No-Flies.