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Buying Through Us

Overview of Buying through No Flies

We always make it clear that, as the person paying our fees, it is the seller who is our client and to whom we owe our principal loyalty. However, it is impossible for us to do the best possible job for the seller without having good quality buyers registered with us. To ensure that is the case we are very careful, when you are buying through us, to treat you well and to be open and honest with you. We view you as being not only key to getting our current properties sold but also as prospective future customers.

Once you have contacted us to register an interest in buying a particular property, or in properties generally, we will telephone you to discuss both what you are looking for and your personal position, asking questions such as: Do you have a property to sell?; Is it already on the market?; How will you be funding the purchase?   If we do not have any suitable properties, we will tell you so. It is a waste of our time (as well as being extremely frustrating for both you and the seller) for us to persuade you to go to view properties that, we know, do not fit your buying requirements.  Nobody at No Flies is incentivised or set target for the number of viewings that they organise. We strongly believe that, with viewings, the key is quality not quantity.

Once we have identified a property that we think is suitable for you and which you would like to view, we will visit the property with you. In the event that you have questions about the property we will either answer them for you there and then or obtain answers for you from the seller as quickly as possible. Once you have looked around the property we will ask you for your initial views. It is in everybody’s interest that you are honest at this stage. If you are not interested then please tell us so. Whilst we, of course, like to be the bearers of good news to our customers, if that is not possible we would much prefer that we do not falsely inflate their expectations. Also, if you do not like a property, and tell us so, it makes it much easier for us to find a more suitable property for you next time round. Once you are registered with us we will be in regular contact with you until you have found a suitable property either through us or another agent.

If you decide you wish to make an offer on a property we will discuss this with you. We will always put forward to the seller any offer you make, but if we think it is going to be unsuccessful, based upon our previous discussions with the seller, we will tell you that in advance. If the seller is interested in accepting your offer, we will at that stage need to ensure that you are in a position to conclude the purchase by seeking a confirmation of your funding.  Whilst you may think that this is intrusive, it is vital that you let us have the requested information as soon as possible. If the sellers are faced with two competing offers, only one of which has confirmed funding, it is possible that they may decide to go with the confirmed offer as it provides them with greater certainty.

Once you have had your offer accepted, we will act as intermediaries and will help manage interactions between the four parties: you, your lawyer, the sellers and their lawyer. This is the period where problems can often occur and, as one of our directors was a solicitor in a former life, we are uniquely qualified to assist in this regard.  For a more detailed description of the conveyancing process as it relates to buying a property click here.