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Selling through us

Overview of Selling through No Flies

Once you have requested us to undertake a valuation, we’ll arrange a convenient time for the Directors of No Flies to visit your property. We will carry out a valuation on your property and will support any valuation we arrive at with evidence of comparable recent transactions in your area. We fully understand that it is almost impossible to be absolutely precise about the price at which a property is likely to sell. Things can move very quickly in the property market, particularly these days. We will always be very happy to market your property at a price which is within the range that we feel can be substantiated by recent comparable transactions. However, it is not in your or our interest for us to inflate the price of your property just to try to get it on our books or to market it at a price which we are unable to defend to prospective purchasers. Similarly, we will never undersell your home. If a number of offers at the asking price are received within days of  the property going on the market we will discuss this with you and agree a way forward to ensure you get full value for your home. Our aim is to get the best possible price for you that we can. Our future success is dependent on our current customers being happy.

In addition to talking about valuation, we will also find out more about you, your expectations, your intentions and your priorities. We will talk to you about your home; about the things that you love and the things that tempted you to buy it. We believe your thoughts on the property should be a powerful part of the description we prepare for marketing purposes. The more we find out at this early stage, the smoother we believe we can make the sales process.

We’ll also explain how we work and how we can help you get the best outcome. We will discuss our fees with you, including any special promotions we may be running at the time, and will give you any other additional information you need to make your decision. Within twenty four hours of this initial meeting, we will get back to you in writing to confirm our valuation and proposed fees.

Should you decide to proceed with instructing us to sell your property, we will ask you to provide us with some basic identification documents to allow us to fulfill our legal obligations (for more details on this click here) and we will send you our contract and terms and conditions. The next step is for us to prepare the marketing documentation for your property. We’ll take photos, create floor plans and write a description. You will be sent copies of our draft property description for approval. It is very important that you check the details carefully at this stage. We are very happy to discuss the general approach we have taken in, or the specific details of, the property description. If necessary, changes can be made – it is very important that everybody is happy at this stage. When the property details are agreed, we will then market your property on our website, as well as on the major property portals  (for details of the sites on which we will market you property click here). In addition we will, of course, send the information to our registered applicants.

We will be in regular contact with you throughout the sales process. It is usually best for us to be provided with a set of your keys so that we can undertake viewings of the property when you are not there. We will discuss details of things such as alarms and pets with you to ensure that no problems with such items arise. We will always agree with you in advance the time of any viewings we undertake and will confirm this in writing. We will not ask you to undertake viewings without us being present. Should a viewing be cancelled we will let you know as soon as we are able and we will give you open and honest feedback on viewings within twenty-four hours. We believe it is important to be honest with you about the viewing – it is also very important that you remember that negative feedback is just one person’s opinion – and please remember that we are only the messenger here!

If you are concerned about the number of viewings that are being arranged, or with any other aspect of the marketing, then we would ask that you raise this with us sooner rather than later. Nobody at No Flies is targeted with arranging a particular number of viewings each week. We very strongly believe that it is quality not quantity that is important when it comes to viewings. Showing somebody around your home who, we know, is very unlikely to buy it, is a waste of both your and our time. We will leave no stone unturned in trying to find the right buyer or buyers for you but we will not pressurise anybody we do not believe may make an offer to view a property just to make us look better in the eyes of our customers.

When offers are made on your property, we’ll present them to you and work together to obtain the best possible price, buyer and timing. We will seek confirmation of the exact position of the buyer and, in the event of competing offers, discuss the merits and strengths of each to assist you in accepting the right offer for you. Once you have accepted the offer, we will act as intermediaries and will help manage interactions between the four parties: you, your lawyer, the buyer and their lawyer.  This is the period where problems can often occur. Given our experience on former careers we believe we are uniquely qualified amongst local agents to assist during this period.  For a more detailed description of the conveyancing process click here.