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Charities we support

Charities we support


Each year we choose two charities to support. At the beginning of each year we, as a company, commit an amount that will be distributed to those charities irrespective of how the Company performs. For 2015 this figure is £500. In addition throughout the year we will commit a further £10 to this figure for each property that we sell. The seller of the property can elect whether the £10 is split between the two charities or donated to just one. The charity pot will be distributed in January of the following year. In January 2015 we donated £620 to our two chosen charities for 2014.

In selecting the charities we not only look at their relevance to us and our community but also at how efficiently they use the funds that are donated to them. For 2015 we have chosen to continue supporting the two charities we supported in 2014:


St. Christopher’s Hospice



St Mungo’s